Fath-ul-Jawad   فتح الجواد فی تفسیر آیات الجہاد

Collective Qurbani

 Perform your Qurbani with those who sacrifices their lives for you.

● With the "Mujahidins" (Holy Fighters) engaged in Battlefield.

● With the families of "Shuhada" (Martyrs), Captives and Holy Fighters.

● With the helpless people in Disastrous Areas.

Your little act of kind tenderness can bring pleasure for those who deserve it.

Share the Happy moments of Eid with them.

With Al-Rahmat Trust

The devoted staff of Al-Rahmat Trust is arranging the Qurbani like previous years. We invite you to participate on this occasion and lets provide hopeless people a reason to smile.

Following rate has been set for the Qurbani according to the current market value.

1 share of cow (total 7 shares) = Rs.3000/-

Goat or Lamb (minor) = Rs.4000/-

Goat or Lamb (average) = Rs.5000/-

Goat or Lamb (best) = Rs.6000/-


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